Happy Occasions

(Dedicated to universal happiness Ė Deepak Sarkar, www.kolki.com)

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World is full of occasions

Most of them are cheerful celebrations

On the living planet throughout history of civilization

Celebrating festivities during cosmic unions

Coincident with sowing or harvesting of cultivation!


Modern celebrations are more in commercial globalization

As the economy of growth needs service orientation

Birth day, wedding, baby shower, anniversary, graduation

Home ownership, engagement, retirement, farewell, circumcision

Fund raising, victory in war, sport and election

Rewards and recognitions for achieving goals and expectations!


Yet sufferings remain unnoticed behind music and dance

As mouth watering meals are served for lunch and dinner

Killing animals for feasts ending their life on earth

As soldiers fight wars against brothers and sisters

Thinking of enemy without knowing reasons of rewards

Believing in carefully orchestrated propaganda from leaders

Killing citizens, dropping bombs, sending missiles with laughter

Tainting otherwise happy occasions with death and destruction elsewhere!


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Universal Consciousness