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(Dedicated to all united souls – Deepak Sarkar, www.kolki.com)

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Halloween is ‘All Hallows’ E’en’!

Always meant to be festive yet holy evening!

Day before ‘All Saints’ Day’

To celebrate Samhain (sa-vun) Celtic New Year’s Eve!


Christian Church celebrated popular feast -

Until ninth century on May the thirteenth!

Ancient ‘Remembering the Dead’ became November 1st -

Coinciding with Celtic New Year’s Day at last!


Summer’s end brings celebrations of new harvests

When Departed Spirits visit kinsmen and guests!

Roaming around for warmth of good cheer

Among old family, friends, and neighbour, once so dear

Celebrating ‘All Souls Day’ and ‘Day of the Dead’!


Children used to collect food for the hungry and homeless

Now commerce gains from Halloween’s evil ugliness!

Body decays, deforms, and decomposes after death -

But the soul always remains hallowed, bright, afresh

Making Halloween a night of joyous enlightenment!


[It’s a time to feel good celebrating renewal of life feeling the presence of all still in our mind! Kolki] 


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