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(Dedicated to Universal Consciousness – Deepak Sarkar, www.kolki.com)

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Guru became a colloquial word in modern literature

As expert in a vocation or a religious teacher!

In essence it’s an ancient word of two syllables -

“Gu” meaning darkness and “Ru” meaning light!

Together they make a third person singular

Meaning one who pushes darkness away giving sight

Making GuRu the cause of everything else that forms the universe!


It is the physical description of abstract truth

Where “Ru” piercing through “Gu”

Like electrons leaving neutrons making hydrogen

Creating protons and ions of the evolutionary process!


Gu and Ru together constitute universe

As grey matter and real matter

Conforming to relative modes of energy and matter!

 One invisible while the other visible in a range

One brings reality other breeds theology

One teaches physics other eludes as meta-physics

One becomes science other religion!

One contributes to matter other deep space eternal

Together covering entire electro-magnetic spectrum

Where Gu and Ru are relative to being in general

Making our night as day to nocturnal animals

Enable insects and worms live underground without oxygen

Species survive in seemingly dark bottom of oceans


Bacteria evolve in molten lava and ashes!


Thus, everything seen or unseen we learn from

Can be attributed as Guru for enlightening vision!


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