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(Dedicated to Dhruva the lovebird and worldwide freedom for birds and animals – Deepak Sarkar, www.kolki.com)

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My lovebird, ‘Dhruva’

Knows mainly one word, ‘Daddy’!

When he sees new things

Or can’t reason something

Jumps on my shoulder sounding -

‘Daddy, Kaeya Kaeya’!

Curious yet cautious before investigating!


He wakes me up in the morning!

As I brush my teeth, start shaving

Apply aftershave, cream, jelly

Put my shirt on, pull my pant

Slide the belt to tighten belly!

Dhruva tries his best to chant -

Daddy, Kaeya Kaeya

Often sweetly sometimes eerily!


As I take shower -

Use herbal shampoo, organic soap

Turn on the Jacuzzi full of bath foam

Use my towel to dry hair and skin

Dhruva keeps on repeating same thing –

Daddy, Kaeya Kaeya

Probably wondering about human skills!


I brush my hair, comb eyebrows

Put on my lenses or eye glass

Step on long corridor to reach bedroom

Dhruva makes few trips like jets without boom!

Glides and lands on my shoulder singing tune –

Daddy, Kaeya Kaeya

As if he prefers my natural look!


I put my socks on then my shoes

Left hand holds briefcase right hand car keys!

I look for money bag, change, cell phone

As Dhruva shouts ‘Daddy’, reminding tea on stove!


I start my car –

Look at the windows before changing gear!

Unrest Dhruva climbing the blinds without fear;

But his voice still ringing in my ears -

Daddy, Kaeya Kaeya

Reminding me about freedom at last –

Fittest and free are the natural knower!


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