[From the Author of Poems by Kolki Absolutely Humane, Real Path To 9/11 & Sayings of Kolki]


Free Market Oil

(Dedicated to naturally Free World and Economy Deepak Sarkar, www.kolki.com)


They preach for free market

Forgetting market is naturally free!

They dream for global economy

Ignoring market is global without pirates and military!

They sign international treaties

Emphasizing equality, rights and justice

Except for oil, I mean crude oil,

Sucked from Mother Earth for free

Must be cheap and cheaper for few to be richer

Exploiting industrial private economy guarded by military -

Marring world with wars and pollution faster and faster!


So, they divide Africa and Iraq

Create Kuwait and middle-eastern dictators

Calling them friends citing National Security

While others, the supporters of true free-market oil,

Suffer being labeled as terrorist and enemy,

Terrorized by mighty military machines

And their never ending allied sanctions and killings!


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