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(Dedicated to united free world co-existing in bliss of Universalism – Deepak Sarkar, www.kolki.com)

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Fascism is an economic system geared to the needs of the wealthy elites

Usually a Rightist form of government against democratic rights

Foments extreme nationalism to create dictator as new King!

While Nazism is a form of Fascism, Fascism is not Nazism

Zionism and Neconism are definitely Fascism!


Fascism creates "Enemies of the fatherland or motherland"

Who are usually socialists, journalists, trade unionists, and liberals

Or conspicuous minority groups uniting peace loving intellectuals!

Fascism is not conservative, rather disrespect conservation and legislations

It rises with Neo-Conservative, Compassionate Conservative, slogans

Uses United Nations to promote violent Allied Nations!

Creating state within a state, religion within a religion

Dismantle harmonious unions against monarchist vision!


 While conservatives are for traditions, rule-of-law, and proof of conviction

Fascism enacts pre-emptive strikes shrouded in secrecy for invasions!

Fascism turns free press (if any) into loyal propagandist

Spreading fears of unknown attackers or virus epidemic!

Fascism makes leaders lie under oath insulting holy book -

Baptizes Fascists that a ‘lie’ delivered diligently is better than truth.


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"The liberty of a democracy is not safe if the people tolerate the growth of private power to a point where it becomes stronger than their democratic State itself. That, in its essence, is Fascism - ownership of government by an individual, by a group or by any controlling private power." –


Franklin Delano Roosevelt, 32nd President of USA




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Symbolically 9/11 was militarily re-annexing++ of USA by Britain, following Cecil Rhodes methodology, because the selected Flights which acted as missiles were originated from New England (The Tea Party State), New Jersey (Loyalist) and Virginia (The Confederate)! Also shooting down Flight 93 over Stony Creek, Pennsylvania (The Liberty State) is symbolic British Victory over America. Before 9/11, CIA (derivative of MI6 after WW II) had tested remote controlled Drones to hunt Bin Laden, Global Hawk made a voyage to Australia from California without a Pilot, and Boeing 737, 757, 767 were tested for remote landing by both NASA and Boeing’s military wing. So, there is no surprise, the technology has been there, all it needed the willingness of the higher ups within military and pertinent Government Agencies. The audio sounds like “We have some Planes, nobody moves” and the cell phone calls were all part of the script already rehearsed during pre 9/11 drills. All the 9/11 Hijacked Airplanes flew over numerous military bases without interceptions. The entire Navy Seal was destroyed at the Pentagon and the Lieutenant General Timothy J. Maude (Golden Gate University Alumni) who was working very hard to unite the Army as one. The FBI Special Agent in Charge, John O’Neil, who was working hard to expose real Al-Qaeda behind 1993 World Trade Center bombing, 1996 Khobar Towers bombing in Saudi Arabia and the 2000 USS Cole bombing in Yemen, also died at the WTC on 9/11. Interestingly then New York Mayor Rudolf Giuliani was awarded the British Knighthood for his role throughout 9/11 who was also incidentally present very close to the first London Subway Explosion! BBC’s repeated broadcasting of the collapse of WTC7 before it actually collapsed and new owner Larry Silverstein’s immediate instruction over cell phone to ‘Pull it down’ suggests BBC was part of 9/11 script. 9/11 wasn’t an isolated incident, British and US troops were already exercising with massive number of armies along with unprecedented troops manoeuvring around the world since World War II ignoring Citizens, including men and women in uniform, under debris suffering to be rescued at the World Trade Center and Pentagon.  That's why most members of both Senate and Congress were opposed to any public investigation even for Anthrax sent to Democratic Senators who were preparing for normal investigative process.  That's why Obama administration couldn't close Gestapo "Guantanamo Bay" and bring the suspects to open justice. That's why "Statue of Liberty" was closed following 9/11 for renovation re-writing history of American Independence deifying British Settlers. 2.3 Trillion Missing Pentagon Funds (as Royalty?) was never investigated and the Homeland Security Department consolidating most of its Washington-based facilities on the campus of the former St. Elizabeth’s hospital. Loyal Private Mercenaries like Blackwater became above Congress and US Military maintaining huge presence in Iraq with immunity even after formal withdrawal by the Obama administration. BBC was part of the 9/11 script predicting repeatedly the collapse of the WTC Building 7 before it's implosion by the new owner. French State Louisiana was punished ignoring Hurricane Katrina related devastation and victims. Even, it can be assumed, the Deepwater Horizon explosion under British Petroleum as deliberate to keep USA dependent on Foreign oil thereby justifying US Tax Payer’s paid military arrogance for the convenience of the United Monarchial alliance!


“A sophisticated false-flag operation like 9-11 has an organizational structure with three basic levels:  architectural, operational, and working.  Atta and the 19 Arabs blamed as the hijackers of 9-11 were part of the working level, and were simply part of the deception.  That is, after all, how false-flag terror works.” - Andreas von Buelow, the former head of the parliamentary commission that oversaw the German intelligence agencies.


"If the United States ever experiences an attempt at a coup to overthrow the government, it will come from the CIA. The agency represents a tremendous power$$ and total unaccountability to anyone." --JFK (John F. Kennedy, 35th President of USA, assassinated on Nov 23, 1963)

$$- CIA’s black budget is almost equal to UK’s Defense Budget?


Historically CIA is a covert extension of UK’s MI6 after WWII to re-annex USA and so is Pakistan’s ISI to work outside British accountability for the United Monarchical colonial advantage against democratic free world! (A Timeline of CIA Atrocities)


The irony is that American Tax Payers Paid UK Based Most Sophisticated High-Tech Global Surveillance Program Echelon Was Used for 9/11 False Flag Operation, Disinformation, Framing Up and Cover Ups.


"If our government had merely [done] nothing, and I say that as an old interceptor pilot—I know the drill, I know what it takes, I know how long it takes, I know what the procedures are, I know what they were, and I know what they’ve changed them to—if our government had merely done nothing, and allowed normal procedures to happen on that morning of 9/11, the Twin Towers would still be standing and thousands of dead Americans would still be alive. [T]hat is treason!"  Col. Dr. Robert Bowman


How and why 9/11 type well planned precisely implemented military coup (false flag operation) was possible inside USA in broad day light hijacking Boeing Jets remotely (NASA Tested drones flying) using FAA implemented WAAS and LAAS technology to hit (D)GPS programmed Sovereign American targets ?


Journalist Joseph Kraft, a former member of both the Council On Foreign Relations and the Trilateral Commission, said the Council "comes close to being an organ of what C. Wright Mills has called the Power Elite – a group of men, similar in interest and outlook, shaping events from invulnerable positions behind the scenes." [WikiCFR]


Rear Admiral Chester Ward, a former member of the CFR for 16 years, who warned the American people of the organization’s intentions: 

"The most powerful clique in these elitist groups have one objective in common — they want to bring about the surrender of the sovereignty of the national independence of the United States. A second clique of international members in the CFR comprises the Wall Street international bankers and their key agents. Primarily, they want the world banking monopoly from whatever power ends up in the control of global government." 


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[There is every cause for celebrating united efforts towards one world; but fellow world citizens must stand tall to ensure that world is not ruled from the underworld with Mafia like Covert Intelligence agencies, Bilderberg like secret Aristocratic[1] Constitutional Monarchy and Vatican like intruding Evangelical Supremacy – whose only aim is to continue Oligarchy! Kolki]


Easy Methodology To End Constitutional Monarchies Peacefully in the West To Save And Maintain Democracies Around The World!


Love is the ultimate security which does not require expensive idle mischievous covert intelligence, violent military, destructive Defense industries, and divisive ideologies! Kolki