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(Dedicated to all world citizens – Deepak Sarkar, June 20, 2006, www.kolki.com)

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[If you ever feel compelled to write and campaign for peace, remember many around the world share your views and will find reasons to make it news. Kolki]


Friends and world citizens

There comes a time for change

Some seize it others try to sleep well

Many ignore after working hard for bread

Submerging minds in light entertainment!


Worries about job, security, never end

Why momentary pleasures remind of Eden

Reality enshrouds the moment illusion ends

But good intentions get lost in gossips, inert quarrels!


Truth is the only weapon for a peaceful end

Lies and rumours hunt easy pray to sustain

Isolation and humiliations frustrate thoughtful brains

But never forget, ‘Where there is a will there is a way’ –

Humane wisdom for change can cause formidable waves!

So, to accomplish mission just be the change!


[If one can ignore initial distraction and humiliation with determination the courage wins over fear bringing joy of celebration. Kolki]


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