[From the Author of “Poems by Kolki – Absolutely Humane”, “Real Path To 9/11” & “Sayings of Kolki”]




Darling! It’s a true confession!

I have no other intention

I know my limitation

But I love you!


I try not to think about you!

I do so many things just to forget you!

But all my efforts –

End up in deep longing for you!


I love your smile

I love your eyes

I love the way you talk

Just a mere thought of you

Gives me joy!


I try to be angry with you

Only to find my eyes wet!

I want to hate you

But a momentary sight of you takes me to heaven!

I don’t know what to do

Besides telling I love you!


Author: Deepak Sarkar, 844 Royal Oak Ave, Victoria, BC V8X 3T2, Canada; Tel/Fax: 250-412-2897; E-mail: kolki@kolki.com; Poetry & Peace Web Site: www.kolki.com