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(Dedicated to Universal Consciousness – Deepak Sarkar, www.kolki.com)

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Churning of the ocean is not the ocean on Earth!

Rather churning of the cosmic ocean of the universe

For creating galaxies, then stars, then planets far apart

Using creative forces and recipes of eternal astral herbs!


The ancient human knowledge got diluted in history

As invading forces created myths and mysteries

Dividing the world to conquer mastering slavery

Destroying Ancient Civilization of communal prosperity

Hiding truth and universal knowledge creating fear of misery!


Assigning goodness to Gods and Goddesses of the invaders

Labelling evilness to oppressed demons - the sufferers

The gospel of cosmic creation learned by sages - ‘the wise listeners’

Became story of fighting for the possession of eternal nectar

Between Gods and Demons to be immortal

Similar to evangelic ritual of drinking Messiah’s blood!


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