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Birth Control Pills

(Dedicated to International Women’s Day – Deepak Sarkar, www.kolki.com)

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Aren’t Birth Control Pills working against natural cycle making a woman less women every day leading to early menopause while depriving them from the joy of union during ovulation? Food for thought! Kolki 


One pill a day –

A fertile wife, a daughter, must take

In anticipation –

That they might encounter sex

Causing unwanted pregnancy or untimely babe!


Teenage girls –

With no desire for pre-marital sex

Grown up girl –

With no permanent boy friend

A wife who enjoys once in a while in bed

Must take a pill a day!


Breast cancer statistics increases day by day–

As many encounter obesity as one of the side effects!

Others busy removing unwanted hair growth desperately -

Still, ignoring dangerous labels on the vile,

They know, must take a pill to satisfy!


Despite side effects and silent sufferings

Industry grows spending billions advertising

Politicians ignores worrying about jobs, economy,

Who could afford losing upcoming election money!

Victims watch listen helplessly -

Competitive claims, debates, from motivated studies

Enriching medical industry with new patients and therapy!


Media preaches the pill as a sign of freedom

Man loves free sex without being responsible

Sexual diseases spread, so does deadly ‘AIDS’

Commerce succeeds only women are enslaved!


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[Fertile Women can avoid pregnancy avoiding or having protected sex during ovulation in monthly cycle! Imagine ‘Birth Control Pills Industry’ if Patriarchs had to swallow one a day! Aren’t Birth Control Pills leading to unwanted irresponsible sex, date-rape, spread of STDs & HIVs, and even inviting incests besides many side effects? Kolki] 


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In ancient world people celebrated life and culture enjoying sex and appreciating reproduction with responsibility without the painful abusive circumcision, and worries from birth control and related abortion. Kolki


Only Slaves see sexual organs in human free ones see the divine in everyone why they only get physically aroused by their loving companion. Kolki


Sex keeps one young as long as one has self control and respect. Kolki


Adultery is the worst human Karma (action) which strikes at the very foundation, faith, of life. Kolki


It’s easy to be mischievous hiding facts from family and friends but no one can hide behind self. Kolki