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(Dedicated to union of ancient Indian Sub-Continent – Deepak Sarkar, www.kolki.com)

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[Former united land of India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh can eliminate most terrorist acts driving out all foreign NGOs without proper registration as well as declaration of ownership and source of funds! Kolki]


East India Company – Agency – Colonization and Cruel Partitioning of India



If divided Germany can be reunited Germans

If Euro can bring together Europeans

If USA, Canada, and Mexico can join as North Americans -

India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh can certainly unite as Bindustan!


Geographical borders remain the same!

Government, Military, would still maintain independence!

But inter parliamentary union guarantees common interests

Combining military and intelligence for united defence

Guarding border with hospitality, caring for victims of uncertain events!


Tourism will flourish rebinding once united hearts!

Common Identification would help rebuild trust -

Recognizing our harmonious ancient past

Revitalized with the message of truth and love

Enjoying cuisines, games, and creative culture!


Let us hope the day is not really far!

When ancient people of undivided India come together

Hug each other, work and share life together,

Ignoring divisive forces that take us apart -

Celebrate events better exchanging compliments and cheers!


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Sounds Impossible?

Where there is a will, there is a way. It is certainly possible initiating communication with appropriate high level citizens as well as grass root activists. Because, Union is best solution for the Indian subcontinent to bring back mutual trusts much needed for peaceful co-existence of once united hearts. Muslims can really help challenging the 9/11 Truth and revealing the true Al-Qaeda as US/British/NATO/Israeli virtual military wing behind all major terrorist acts worldwide. I have documented my Nine (9) Years of Research in the Book/E-Book "Real Path To 9 11" exposing the real culprits behind 9/11 now selling worldwide: http://www.kolki.com/Web-Page-Customer-Readers.htm


The Main Problem in India-Pakistan Unity is ISI (which is nothing but MI6 and CIA in Disguise from the beginning) and RAW which has been also infiltrated by the Zionist forces before 9/11 re-annexation of USA for the UK to cause terrorist acts in India and Pakistan so that the US/British/Israeli Defense Industries can sell more weapons to India-Pakistan while their security industries implement expensive equipments to harass the very citizens out of virtual fear.  It is the Al-Qaeda Myth that Pakistan is harbouring them is the main point of current mistrust.


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Thus the implementation of Bindustan may sound difficult but actually quite simple like the American solution I have proposed as AMERICAN ORANGE REVOLUTION. Pakistanis fight peacefully to disband ISI and Indians do the same for RAW freeing the countries from the grips of CIA-MI6-Mossad and their Evangelic propaganda and terrorism - leading to mutual faith and trust facilitated by culture and commerce.


May God (The Universal Loving Expression) help the Indian Sub-Continent unite towards Asian Union and Better World! Best always and loving regards!

End Notes

Bindustan (India, Pakistan, Bangladesh [later Nepal, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, ...] cannot copy from mostly Monarchial European Union (a fraternal union of historical colonizers and warmongers with a motto of sustaining and expanding colonization by ‘Cross-Medha Yagna’ to claim more lands spreading the Cross)! Since Western mediation caused the very divisions - related suspicion and aggression, all dialogues need to be strictly among the uniting countries. Any European and American intervention would just pollute and distract making the effort half-hearted leading to status-quo with a new face.


The main goal of Bindustan and eventual Asian Union is union of True Democratic Humanity and NOT Western Patriarchal Fraternity for wars and ignorant victory deifying Oligarchy!


The very first step of achieving Bindustan is India/Indians re-writing 1935 Dominant British Constitution for the free people/citizens of India guaranteeing universal well being!


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Deepak Sarkar (Writes & Campaigns Worldwide as Kolki for universal well being)



[Imagine if Hitler was made European Envoy after World War II and related Holocaust like UK’s Blair has been made Middle-East Envoy after Illegal Invasion of Iraq destroying ancient civilization, killing millions and displacing millions insulting UN, World Court and all democratic institutions! Kolki] 


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Bombing of Air India Flight 182 with full knowledge of CSIS and RCMP and related evidence destruction and deliberate disinformation afterwards blaming Sikh patsies!


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[The universal equation of peace from Kolki:

International Conflicts Minus (-) Super Power/Monarchical Strategic Interests  =  Lasting Peaceful Coexistence!]


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