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(Dedicated to universal peaceful co-existence Deepak Sarkar, www.kolki.com)

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Humans always wondered about the world around

The sky above, the oceans, beings underground!

But most of their simple queries remained unanswered

Despite vast knowledge, academic and corporate, gathered!

Discussions among colleagues, friends, networking with peers

Eventually led them to have faith in a God of fear!


I had seen people being initiated!

As friends, colleagues, baptised in faiths inherited

Watched helplessly as many turn inwardly limited

Kept myself away un-baptised, un-initiated!


Realization comes with vision unlimited

Recognizing Initiation happens throughout life so many ways

Rebuilding faith in learning as an evolutionary process

Observing parents, siblings, family, friends, in neighbourly village

Watching plants, animals, birds, insects and fishes

Feeling seasons with transitory sun, moon, stars and planets!


Message of dawn bombarding earth each day

Irrespective of Baptism by Gurus or Priests in temples and churches

To help us ascend over limitations embracing universal acceptance!


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