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Age Two

(Dedicated to togetherness – Deepak Sarkar, www.kolki.com)

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You are two!

It is nice to be two!

Two eyes

Two ears

Two eyebrows

Two nostrils

Two cheeks

Two lips, upper and lower

Two sets of teeth, upper and lower

Two hands

Two palms

Two elbows

Two wrists

Two legs

Two toes

Two knees


It takes two hands to clap

It takes two to make friendship

It takes two to share

Two means togetherness

Two can make a team


Two makes binary

Two tides, high and low

Two poles, north and south

It takes two atoms to make a molecule

It takes two voices to form chorus

Two breaks loneliness

Two state of a switch, on and off

Two parents, mom and dad


There are many other reasons

To be proud of being two!

These are just a humble few……Happy Birthday


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