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Poems by Kolki
9/11 Truth Smoking Guns
Poems: Fallen Soldier     Peace Activist     Magic     Harmony   Universal Super Power     War Crimes
Global Issues - Current and Outstanding, As We Celebrate Earth Day
Simple Concrete Proof That 9/11 Was Nothing Short Of Military Coup In Broad Day Light (Dedicated to Earth Day)
So What Is Al-Qaeda? Irrespective of origin it became covert wing of US/NATO/Israeli Intelligence
Home Run - Electronically Hijacking Passenger Aircrafts by Military/Intelligence
When Nobel Peace Prize Goes To Warring President(s) and Discriminary Human Rights Peace Becomes Illusive Neglecting Ongoing US/NATO War Crimes
Like Most NATO Countries Bhutan Silently Became Constitutional Monarch Guaranteeing Monarchy and Eluding Democracy Forever
Bacteria Are Natural; But The Viruses In The World Always Have Been 'Synthetic Aliens' Beginning With Trojan War!
Who Will Free Korea, Japan, and Germany From US Occupations After Half A Century (50+ Years)
Why Virtual Al-Qaeda Terrorizes The World When Bin Laden Mainly Wanted US Troops Out of Arab Lands?
We All Know Who Have Weapons of Mass Destruction
It is Unfortunate, RAW became part of CIA and MI6; What Else World Have Except Anarchy?
If India and China Can Build Civilizations without hegemony what is wrong with USA, Britain, Australia and some NATO Countries?
Why We Need Bindustan? Because British Systematically Destroyed United Coexisting Humane Hindustan For Covenience of Domination!
Why Irresponsible Tax Cut Doesn't Work in Global Economy?
Like Hariri Tribunal, UN Must Help Americans To Find Who Sent Anthrax To Democratic Senators and Media Critical To Bush Administration!
55 Millions Died During World War II Besides Human Sufferings, Pollution, and Debris!
In Bible God Is Violent-Partisan Unlike Jesus's Loving-Universal!
From Cave to White House, Leaders Always Hide When Our Young Fight Wars Destructing Own Kind and Environment!
Tax Cuts and Tough On Crime Are Politics of Greed and Fear Which Converts A State To Legalized Feudal System
Why Countries With Majority Jesus Loving Democratic People Need Guns Without Control?
Let us remind the world "Preaching Domination is Terrorism"! Acting to achieve it is "War Crime"!
Why No Soldier Must Go Beyond Border Unless Peace Mission or Being Led By President or Prime Minister?
If Politicians Could Speak, Media Could Listen, and People Could Read!
US Atom Bombs Killed 270,000 in Japan Instantly, Millions Afterwards, as Collateral Damages of World War II!
'Operation Northwoods' - Terrorist Side of American Military Even Hurting Americans and GIs!
Any List of 'Countries Harboring Terrorism' excluding USA and Israel is Incomplete and only helps Terrorism to Succeed with a Different Face!
Judging by 'Ten Commandments' Most Christians & Jews and Vatican Would Lose Their Religious Identity and Covenant!
Isn't Media Poll Before Election is Undemocratic? Manipulative Gossip?
Humane Cuisine - The Ultimate Solution for a non-violent peaceful co-existing world
How Much Are Intelligence Service's Contributions To Our Society So Far? Aren't Hiding Truth & Obstructions To Justice Fellonies?