Prime Minister John Howard Doesn’t Know Preaching Dominance Is Terrorism! (Deepak Sarkar,


This is a perfect example how an honourable democratically elected Prime Minister of a continent, Australia, forgets the rules of Nuremberg Trials and why United Nations was formed. The idea of the United Nations and The International Court is to ensure no one dominates, countries co-exists abiding by and respecting International Rule of Laws!


Thus under Nuremberg guidelines and international laws Mr. Bush, Mr. Blair and Mr. Howard would have been hanged along with many administration members for attacking and destroying sovereign IRAQ if they were not free under NATO military protection!


In a way Mr. Howard is acting like television evangelist Pat Robertson, who openly called for the assassination of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, using mass media. Imagine if Bin Laden made that statement! But in USA, UN ambassadors, Atomic Scientists and Evangelists are all free to make terrorist statements without repercussions!


The Jewish American UN ambassador John Bolton was rejected by US Senators for his blunt comment like ‘"If the U.N. secretary building in New York lost 10 stories, it wouldn't make a bit of difference," or a 1994 statement that "there is no such thing as the United Nations."  The harsh truth is Israel was against UN since inception and now they got Bush Administration to send rebel John Bolton to destroy it avoiding democratic process during Senate recess!


Thus preaching Dominance is terrorism!  Domination always leads to terrorism as obvious from the ultimate terrorist document of American Supremacy on Earth, Space and Cyberspace! This new dominating force even terrorizes own people to make a point of world dominance by enormous unaccountable military spending and undisclosed private intelligent militia around the world!


What is wrong with domination? It stops evolution and makes country and people slaves in someway while creating a country within a country which helps the domination often with unethical and criminal means. Imagine western media if all Bush-Blair-Howard killings and destruction in IRAQ were really happening under Saddam Hussain!


We respect our elected politicians, calling them ‘Lord’, ‘Right Honourable’, ‘Sir’ etc. But most often they forget their hands on the holly book as soon as they are briefed by non-elected secretaries and under secretaries who engineered their election victory! We then watch helplessly our issues side tracked by the spoke person or speech writer!  


Australians, Americans, Canadians do not need hegemony after inheriting brand new continent size land from the Aboriginals and Native Americans. They should be ideals of the world how people must live respecting rule of laws and not break them for the benefit of a small group of evangelical prophetic domination having blood covenant with G-D! They always needed a ride from Super Power for victory throughout history!


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