US-British Atom Bombs Killed 270,000 in Japan Instantly, Millions Afterwards, as Collateral Damages of World War II! (Deepak Sarkar,


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As US/NATO and European Union have been labeling countries around the world as ‘Axis of Evils’ possessing weapons of mass destruction, let us not forget ever that US/Allied atom bombs killed 270,000 civilians in Japan instantly and millions afterwards in the city of Hiroshima and Nagasaki during normal morning business hours on August 6 and August 9, 1945.


The Second World War was over with Hitler dead, German forces defeated and eradicated and the devastated Japanese military on its way to surrender! Yet US and British military officers could persuade then US President Truman to use the newly developed atom bombs on innocent Japanese civilians destroying two vibrant ancient cities without any warning or provocation – probably to show the world the power behind post war allied supremacy.


Like September 11, 2001 New York City sky, the sky over Nagasaki and Hiroshima were totally clear, perfect for follow up US and British war planes to take pictures of unthinkable destruction and devastation.  The difference was, New York City lost World Trade Center plus 3000 people, whereas Nagasaki and Hiroshima lost 270,000 people instantly along with their two vibrant ancient cities entirely.  After effects from radiation and related disease killed and disabled millions for many years.


Every human life is precious.  But US/NATO taught the world that death and destruction are justified as collateral damages to protect US/NATO military, corporate and evangelical  interests.  Nagasaki, Hiroshima, Vietnam, Korea, Indonesia, Somalia, Serbia, Afghanistan and Iraq are just a few examples.  US/Allied military planes/sorties dropped more bombs on the tiny tropical land of Vietnam than Hitler did during the entire World War II.  From Nerve gas to Fuel Bombs to Atom Bombs, they have used them all testing the extent of their military supremacy while actively using the veto power(s) derailing most United Nations (UN) peace efforts around the world.


While the danger of weapons of mass destruction from North Korea, Iran or Iraq is hypothetical, it is rather real when we evaluate that US/NATO and Israel posses and use weapons of terror preemptively and indiscriminately ignoring as well as undermining most UN and international democratic peace efforts! Thus it is time to re-evaluate the motives of the European Union along with US/NATO monarchial alliance of labeling other nations on Earth as ‘axis of evil’ while pursuing NATO expansion in peace time  at the cost of the United Nations and world peace – destroying countries and environment while killing and displacing millions!    


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