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Flight 77 Captain was strong patriotic man and top gun navy pilot:

[Fought really hard to beat remote hijacking and tried his best to contact ground control in vain]

Article: Remote Military Hijacking                   Poem: Pilot’s Nightmare


People who knew Charles Burlingame, the pilot of Flight 77, will later contend that it would have required a difficult struggle for the hijackers to gain control of the plane from him. [Washington Post, 9/11/2002] Burlingame was a military man who’d flown Navy jets for eight years, served several tours at the Navy’s elite Top Gun school, and been in the Naval Reserve for 17 years. [Associated Press, 12/6/2001] His sister, Debra Burlingame, says, “This was a guy that’s been through SERE [Survival Evasion Resistance Escape] school in the Navy and had very tough psychological and physical preparation.” [Journal News (Westchester), 12/30/2003] Admiral Timothy Keating, who was a classmate of Burlingame’s from the Navy and a flight school friend, says, “I was in a plebe summer boxing match with Chick, and he pounded me.… Chick was really tough, and the terrorists had to perform some inhumane act to get him out of that cockpit, I guarantee you.” [CNN, 5/16/2006] [He never thought that own military would be hijacking his aircraft remotely disabling cockpit to hit sovereign target killing all crew and passengers while destroying the navy command center!]


Bomb In Pentagon

[Before flight 77 was re-programmed to hit same side of Pentagon to destroy the Navy Command Center since flight 93 was out of control]



Lieutenant Nancy McKeown ran a small meteorological unit in the Navy Command Center on the first floor of the Pentagon's D Ring--an area that was mostly destroyed when the building was hit. She described the attack: "[T]he building started to vibrate and things started to fall. And it initially felt like an earthquake. As the, as time progressed, the shaking of the building got violent. The noises got louder and louder." She added, "It sounded like a series of explosions going off." A colleague yelled out, and she "yelled back, bomb." When asked about the incident, "At that point you thought a bomb had gone off in the Pentagon?" McKeown replied: "That's correct. It sounded like a series of bombs exploding, similar to like firecrackers when you light them and you just get a series going off. But they got very loud, very extensive." [2]

Diagram showing the area of impact at the Pentagon. The Navy Command Center is highlighted in red.

Why 9/11 military coup destroyed Pentagon’s Navy Command Center and its personnel with Bombs before re-programmed Flight-77 hit the same section of Pentagon?


According to Lt. Kevin Shaeffer, who works in the Command Center, just prior to the attack on the Pentagon, the watch section and watch leaders in the center are actively engaged in logging and recording the events going on in New York. He later says, they all responded in exactly the way they were trained,” and, “Had the Command Center not been destroyed it surely would have been able to provide the highest levels of our Navy leadership with updates as to exactly what was occurring.” [Chips, 3/2003]


All 9/11 Flights Were Delayed For Remote Military Hijacking Convenience Guiding Them To GPS programmed Targets Flying Over Numerous Military Bases Without Interceptions By NORAD Fighters! Flight 93 was shot down** when pilot/Instructor Jason Dahl regained control to fly away!



Imagine why the Top Secret US Democratic Sovereign Pentagon’s Renovation job would be contracted to Monarchial Oil & Energy British Conglomerate AMEC which would subcontract it to Toronto, Ontario based company ‘Morse Diesel’ owned by a man named Peter Janson who also has been an advisor of Prime Minister of Canada as well as Ex-President and CEO of Swiss-Swedish** engineering company ABB and ASEA, where US Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld used to be a director as well? They only refurbished the Pentagon’s WEDGE1 Area where Navy Command Center (NCC), Budget and Personnel office would move before the attack! Ironically same AMEC and its subsidiaries were also immediately hired to cleanup and reconstruct Wedge 1 and to lead the cleanup of the World Trade Center (WTC) site.  The company’s role in controlling the structural evidences from the 9/11 attacks was further emphasized by the fact that it managed the “Hudson River barging operations to transport debris from the entire WTC site to a Staten Island landfill and to steel recycling operations in New Jersey.” The question is why US Tax Payers pay around eleven (11) Billion Dollars yearly for Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to do what? [**Note: Sweden is part of the United European Monarchy and Switzerland is half-democracy with National Anthem “God Saves The Queen” in tune!]

Renovation to revolution: Was the Pentagon attack planned from within?