Vancouver Victoria
Photo by Deepak, Geeta the Lovebird
Poem: What Is New Year ? Happy New Year
Happy New Year! Happy New Year!
Happy New Year To All My Friends!
Happy New Year To Everyone Else Around The World!

One More Year Passed By -
With The Flow Of Our Time!
Adding Memories, Knowledge and Love!

Many Children Born, Throughout The World
Need Peace And Love To Grow -
To See A Better Tomorrow!

As We Celebrate, With Fireworks and Champagne -
Lets Not Forget Its Not For Everyone!
So, Let Us Take This Vow From This Very Day -
We Will See New Years, Where Everyone Celebrates!

CopyRight2002: Deepak Sarkar, Victoria, BC, Canada
Photo by Deepak, Sunset at Redwood Shores Click for Song   Voice of KOLKI
Let love, mercy and mutual understanding be the tools for 21st Century world diplomacy....Kolki
Photo by Deepak, deer in victoria garden
Protest Against Clear Cut In The Rain Forest - Imagine Where A Economy Based On Real Estate, Logging, Military and offshore Oil Drilling Can Take The World To -> Only More Infighting and Overall Destruction for short term private gain - KOLKI

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