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New Song for Canada
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O Canada!
What A Wonderful Beautiful Land              
Who Always Fought -
For Peace And Just Around The World!
Poem: Canadian
From Atlantic To Pacific -
Your Graceful Wonders Abound
Using Science and Arts, Blending Old And New
Your Civilization Envy Of The World!

Where Multiculturalism Spreads -
To Its Fullest Extent
Where Democracy Stands High -
With Your People Of Great Voice!

O Canada, We Will Always Keep You The Great!
O Canada, We Will Keep You The Great! Always!
Deepak Sarkar
, 844 Royal Oak Ave, Victoria, BC V8X3T2
(Written on the Ferry to Victoria from Port Angeles, WA, when returning to Canada after foreteen (14) years)! Composed and sung by the Author!
British Columbia Vancouver
Alberta                 Calgary           Edmonton

Saskatchewan            Saskatoon         Regina

Manitoba              Churchil          Winnipeg

Ontario                  Ottawa             Toronto

Quebec                  Montreal       Quebec City

New Brunswick     Gaspe'sie Park    Fredericton

New Foundland   Anse-aux-Meadows   St. Johns

Nova Scotia          Lunenburg        Halifax

Nunavut                                           Iqaluit

Prince Edward Island                 Charlottetown

North West Territory                   Yellowknife

Yukon                                        Whitehorse
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