Protesting at Rain Forest Clear Logging     At Mahabaleswar Sun Temple, India with

in BC, Canada                                          wife Dr. Radha Banerjee (Sarkar), Art Historian

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Oracle Christmas Party, San Francisco, CA        At Crystal Garden, Victoria, BC                


In Beijing, China                                         At Great Wall of China close to Beijing

Dept. of Culture, China, with Dr. K. K. Chakraborty      IDP Symposium, Beijing, China, with wife

Secretary, IGNCA and Cultural Minister of China           Dr. Radha Banerjee Sarkar

Cleaning deck at home, Herndon, VA                      With Prof. Maria Stuchly and Jens Bornemann, Uvic

     At scenic Dallas Rd, Victoria, BC                        Victoria, BC, Home


At Tibet House, Beijing, China


   At Kashid Beach, Maharashtra, India       Living with the free Lovebirds in Victoria